sculptor / land artist

Transforming advanced metals, alloys & stone into fluid dynamic expression.

The artist draws inspiration & influence from the intricate network patterns found in nature & science, the fragile interrelationship between all living systems.

STUDIO B R A H A M – Bamboo Mountain

D O P L E R – 48 tonne Pillow Boulder, Land Art Intervention, Bamboo Mountain.

C R U C I B L E – Gallery Precinct sculpture rising 280cm
C A N O P Y – Gallery Precinct sculpture rising 250cm


G U L B U U Y G U (All Together) Landmark Artwork – Heritage Listed Cultural Precinct, Cape York. Surface treated marine-grade alloy rising over 6m & 3m.

The artist worked closely with the Bama-ngay Traditional Custodians & Elders of the White & Black Cockatoo Clans, to help bring their nationally significant ancestral reconciliation story to life in an empowering symbolic way.

E Y E on the H O R I Z O N – City of Wollongong NSW.

I N T O the B L U E – sliced & perforated advanced marine-grade alloy rising over 6m.
City of Rockingham Foreshore Western Australia.

D I V E I N – Cairns Foreshore Esplanade Dining Precinct Proposal – rising 4.8m. Interactive, Engaging, Playful & Functional.

B A I A M E – EARTH & WATER – blackened, rubbed & polished cast alloy rising 4m.
Cathro Park Toowoomba.

R E F L E C T I O N – James Cook University.
Compound curved & laminated 40mm steel plate floating 5m high – architecturally integrated Main Lecture Theatres.

Charcoal Finish – Jungian internal shadow profile.

F L O W – surface treated & perforated advanced alloy rising 5m.
Rich Biomorphic aesthetic complexity & multi-dimensional stimulation.

“S P L A S H” – walk-thru interactive silhouette Portal rising over 4.5m Dampier Foreshore Karratha WA.

3-1918  Sculptural Elevation S4006 C1 (1)
‘S K Y ball – nickel s steel/powder coated aluminium – Stadium Proposal rising 8.5m
3-1918  Sculptural Elevation S4006 C2

‘E M B R A C E’ Gateway Statement QLD State Hwy – New Performing Arts Precinct Cairns rising over 9m.

Arterial negative space articulates a macro perspective of the Great Barrier Reef Delta.

IMG_9689 (1)


L E A V E your M A R K – Homebush Bay Sydney shortlisting.